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Crazy Rich Asians Review by an Asian American

Crazy Rich Asians has been a huge success in the box office by any standards. In the three weeks since the movie hit American theaters, it has grossed over $100 million. Not bad for a film with a modest $30 million budget.

But more importantly, the movie has united the Asian American community. Finally, we get to see a movie that resonated with us. 

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My Marriage Proposal

How I (Almost) Messed Up My Marriage Proposal

A marriage proposal is supposed to be epic, right? Us guys get one shot to propose, and we better pull it off flawlessly if we don't want to be incessantly teased about how "you had one job!"

Well, hardly anything ever works out the way you envisioned it to. I've heard plenty of personal stories about mishaps, ruined surprises, and the most dreaded "I'll think about it" answer to a poor guy popping the big question in front of his friends.

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Ryan Lee Freedym

Ryan Lee Has His Freedym

I was introduced to Ryan Lee a couple of years ago. A mutual friend knew I was thinking about changing my career trajectory and suggested Freedym to me. I was impressed. Ryan definitely knew his stuff.

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My 5 Task Goals for a Successful 2018

My 5 Task Goals for a Successful 2018

Now that 2017 is behind us, it's time to move forward. The year 2018 looks mighty bright, so let's turn on the engine and put the pedal to the metal. Here are my top 5 task goals for 2018.

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2017 Year in Review

2017 Year in Review

Wow. What a year it has been. It feels like I fit a decade's worth of experiences and emotions into just one year. Here's a recap of my 2017 year in review.

I quit my finance job, gave up my apartment in Hollywood, and sold my sports car. Instead, I traveled the world with my girlfriend Joanna on the cheap, organized the Work Anywhere Summit, started teaching English online, and launched this blog.

Life will never be the same again.

Here's to 12 months worth of jubilation and frustration, ups and downs, laughter and tears.

Most importantly, here's to doing (most of) it all over again in 2018.

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Tim Ferriss on Fear Setting

Tim Ferriss on Fear Setting

I’ve been following Tim Ferriss for quite some time, long enough that I don’t even remember when I read his first book, The Four Hour Work Week. All I know is that I’ve read all of his books, read a bunch of his blog posts, and listened to most of his podcast episodes.

To say that I’m a fan and student of Tim would be an understatement.

In his most recent TED Talk, Tim shared an exercise that he does at least once a quarter, sometimes once a month. He revealed the steps he took to conquer the fear that his company would implode without him working there for 14 hours a day. The fact that he was this close to committing suicide in college probably didn’t help, either.

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Futile Message 17 Year Old

Futile Message to an Angry 17 Year-Old High School Kid

Jubilation erupts on the El Modena High School football field across the street from the Starbucks I’m in. I wonder what the commotion is all about, look down at my iPhone, and see that it says June 15th. It must be high school graduation season.

That’s cool, I guess. Just like every June prior to this one, all the students in attendance are happily enduring the SoCal summer heat. They are punctuating the school year and move on with the rest of their lives.

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Taroko National Park Taiwan

Why I Quit My (Asian) American Dream

To know a bit about the current me, you need to know a little bit about the younger version of me. 

Perhaps you’ve heard various versions of the American dream a million times already.

In this all-too-common version, an Asian kid excels at math or science and ends up attending a reputable university. He graduates with flying colors and gets himself a high-paying professional job.

He becomes an accountant or a lawyer or a doctor and makes his parents proud. And he repays them for all their years of hard work by making sure that they never have to worry about money again.

Maybe he even goes to grad school before marrying a nice Asian girl. They pop out a couple of cute kids and live in a nice big house. 

'Tis the (Asian) American dream, after all.

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